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Maintenance Services


Any car enthusiast will agree to the fact that a car ages its best only if it is maintained properly. If it’s not, it both loses its worth and its operational capabilities. There are more than thousand moving parts in a car engine that are subjected to wear with time and the driving nature. That’s why it crucial to get Car maintenance in Brampton from time to time. The process includes head pressure assessment, and the rest speaks to any professional mechanic by itself. Camshafts are checked, and the valve timing reset brings an engine to perfect condition.

Car Engine Tune up in Brampton is compulsory once you’ve driven 1000 miles on smaller engines up to 2500 miles on larger motors. However, the sooner, the better. The engine tuning may also include transmission and differential inspections if you are experiencing lag in power delivery while having a flawless engine. That’s where First Choice Auto Centre serves engine tune up professionally, reliably and affordably. We have skilled and equipped mechanics at work, ready to bring back car mechanics into the perfect condition.

Another requirement of an engine tuning process is Car Lubes Change in Brampton. It includes Mobil oil change, supercharger and sometimes turbocharger oil replacement. Moreover, coolant replacement is also necessary during summers. The fluid change can be done on your own, but a professional mechanic from First Choice Auto Centre has minimal error chance and will also inspect the engine bay overall, assessing faults that otherwise have been left unattended. They pour specific products to prolong their internal component durability and improve the overall engine’s performance.

For our extensive Auto service, we also provide Brake Repair in Brampton. As breaking is an essential safety measure, you cannot ignore them. From drum brakes to hydraulic disks, as well as anti-lock brake services are all performed in our facility, ensuring that they work perfectly. If you’re planning to go for a long drive, we have special arrangements to prepare your car quickly and affordably. We guarantee excellent service quality, whether in emergencies or regular maintenance work.