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Additional Services


Besides mechanical maintenance, electronic maintenance is also very critical. As these components work alongside the engine, transmission, braking and even suspension, regular Car Computer Diagnostic in Brampton assure a seamless operation. Thanks to improving technologies, our professionals can easily connect the inspection console to the car’s ECU and find faults remotely. Once assessed, the mechanic will then address the faulty area (if any) and re-run the program to assure perfection.

Every car produced these days have a built-in air conditioning system. The system has the same components as any traditional household Ac appliance, including a compressor, a coolant chamber and the thermostat control unit. Just like any new appliance, it won’t bother you much, but as soon as it starts ageing, Car AC Repair becomes normal. From repairing compressor unit, to drive belts as well as coolant refill and sensor replacement fall in the Ac servicing category.

Another seasonal need for your car is its tires. Tires are essential for traction, either on roads, off-road, snow and on water. The tires, when completing a specific mileage, are subjected to wear, demanding repairs or replacement. And in First Choice Auto Centre, we have a dedicated Tire Shop in Brampton, serving customers tire repairs and replacements at competitive pricing. We have a range of seasonal tires, all-purpose tires as well as off-road tires to choose from for your vehicle.

First Choice Auto Centre also includes a performance service in their Brampton Muffler Shop. It covers straight exhaust piping, mufflers tip changing, replacing emission control units, and other tweaks to enhance the engine performance. We assure you that these changes pose no effect on the engine and other features. It is a custom preference whether you go for sound reduction or increment. However, in both cases, the quality of our service will always remain unparalleled.